Oldmeldrum Rotary Club Santa

Enquiries are being received as to when and if the Oldmeldrum Rotary Club Santa will be collecting in Newmachar this year; the best info can give at this stage is this from their website http://www.oldmeldrumrotary.org.uk/calendar.htm. An e-mail has been sent asking when they know if visiting Newmachar they could let us know the day that will be. http://www.oldmeldrumrotary.org.uk/santa.htm

The dates on here appear to be last year’s http://www.oldmeldrumrotary.org.uk/index.htm

Meldrum Santa

Newmachar Zambia Connection Update

Here I am again! Another BLOG post for you to read now I have returned from Zambia. Once again I would welcome any comments or questions on what I have written. It is about my experience while in Zambia. Another person may have a different perspective. There are more pictures of my time there and the very special people I have met in the BLOG. Enjoy. x  http://www.zambia.moiralee.me.uk/