Newmachar Links

“Snapshots Of Newmachar” is going in to intermission while its future is being decided. Please find below some of the Newmachar websites suggested as links because they are about or have a Newmachar connection. Sure we all appreciate the hard work being done by those who administer them.

Many thanks on your interest.

Snapshots Of Newmachar

Snapshots Of Newmachar

Listed randomly

Wildlife In Newmachar – WIN

Newmachar News

Newmachar Community Council

Newmachar Parish Church and Facebook Page

Newmachar Axis Centre and Facebook Page

New Machar Primary School

Newmachar Zambia Connection Blog and Chodort Training Centre

Believed accurate at the time of posting

Meteorological Autumn

We are now in to the Meteorological Autumn which you all know is different from the Astronomical Autumn. Today was lovely in Newmachar.

Axis Centre Newmachar Opening Ceremony

Just what it says in “Snapshots Of Newmachar” no fuss style; our Axis Centre Newmachar Opening Ceremony. Historic occasion for Newmachar.

Some random photos allowed to speak for themselves. Great job well done and many thanks for all the hard dedicated work